To Do List DONE!

meditation overwhelm

How To Finish Your To-Do List When Feeling Overwhelmed

This 1 simple step in the morning, changes everything.

Staring at a to-do list and not being able to see yourself doing any of it? I had that happen this morning.

2 things were on my list that had been there all week. (Ok in all honesty, 1 of them for a few weeks.)

What did I do?

I meditated. More specifically I used a Guided Meditation.

Why? Because that allowed my brain to focus on the words instead of the thoughts creating overwhelm, and I was able to then release them without even trying.

Meditating allowed me to get back to being the empowered, action taking me, I normally am. 

If you are interested in the meditation I created and used to go from overwhelmed to accomplished and done, here is the link:



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