Do you wish you could meditate, but don't have the time?

I've created a unique meditation sequence that combines 3 different disciplines - Meditation plus 2 secret practices - that give you the same benefits of a 20 minutes meditation, in just 4 minutes and 44 seconds.

In less than 5 minutes a day, using my Heart-Source Connection method, you can increase your mental, emotional and spiritual  well-being.


Introducing The 4:44  Meditation


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Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You are tired of having all the stress from the outside world overwhelming you.
  • You feel like you have sacrificed so much of you, that you feel disconnected from your heart-centered self?
  • You know you can be more of a rock for those you love - husband, children, parents - but some days you struggle juggling it all.
  • You know life doesn’t happen to you, you happen to life. But 2021 seems to be challenging this assumption.
  • You struggle with having to always guard your thoughts so that you create more positive outcomes.
  • You wish there was a way to quiet your mind, quickly and easily.
  • You know you should be intentionally creating your thoughts, especially now with all the chaos in the world, but you don’t have the energy to keep re-framing things.
  • You struggle with not having a meditation practice, even though you know you “should.”
  • You know there is an easier way to consciously create and consciously increase your vibe, but you aren’t sure what that could be.
  • You worry that your inconsistent positivity will impact your flow of new clients. And some days you are just so drained from maintaining the "on" for your existing clients. Being in flow just feels unattainable.
  • You know helplessness is not a positive emotion to maintain, and yet some days it’s really hard to re-frame those thoughts in a way that helps create a positive and hopeful path forward.
  • You know there is more to life, and you are ready to find a heart-centered path forward.

That's Exactly Why I Created The 4:44 Meditation Masterclass

I want to help busy people find the time for consciously increasing their vibe, in as little as 5 minutes a day. I realized that now more than ever we need simple quick ways to feel more at-cause with our life and our world. 

This meditation sequence not only provides a meditation, it teaches you to consciously shifting your energy into a higher frequency and vibration. A technique I call the Heart-Source Connection.

With this guided meditation, it doesn’t matter if you can’t clear your mind. Your subconscious will get what it needs, even if the daily clutter of worries and concerns are floating around in your mind.

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What If You Could Go From Overwhelmed, To Centered & Empowered, In Less Than 5 Minutes?

With the 4:44 Meditation, you can.

The 4:44 Meditation Masterclass is a digital class that will help you to both meditate and create a conscious energy shift in less than 5 minutes a day. 

The class includes 2 instructional videos that walk through meditation best practices and my unique Heart-Source Connection energy process that is done as part of the 4:44 Meditation.

The guided meditation, that is under 5 minutes long, is downloadable in mp3 format so that you can load it onto your phone, laptop, or other device.

Besides the increased sense of inner peace often associated with a daily meditation practice, conscious energy work can help lift ourselves out of negative ways of being and thought, quickly and easily.

Allowing less drama, and creating more ease and flow through an enhanced connection with your own inner guidance system. Helping you create a sense of well-being and clarity in your day.

Begin Meditating Like a Zen Master

Right now, you may be struggling to keep your mindset in a positive place.

With so much going on, it feels a little overwhelming to keep positivity in the forefront.

  • Imagine if you have a simple way to quickly and easily switch your mindset back to a more positive, and at-cause state of being that you can do anytime anywhere.
  • Imagine if you have an easy ritual to remind yourself that you happen to life, not the other way around.

  • Imagine if you could sit for 5 minutes, and be guided through a meditation that combines 3 ancient practices, to help shift your mindset and change your vibe.

  • Imagine if you had a way to quickly and easily re-frame your thoughts, feelings & emotions, and redirect them for a few minutes in an intentional way.

  • Imagine if you had a simple way to increase your mental well-being in less than 10 seconds. And that each time you did this simple energy shift, it would become easier to do.

Why Am I Sharing My 4:44 Meditation?


I'm Michelle Geromel.

I am an energetic catalyst. I help people find clarity around what they want and how to get it & create it in their lives. I have studied many modalities of healing, energy work, and clearing. And I incorporate all of those modalities into my work with clients.

At the heart of everything I do, is co-creation through manifestation. One of the main building blocks for manifesting is meditation, because it helps clear the mind and makes receiving inspired action, easier.

I found that when I shifted my 20+ year meditation practice to include the Heart-Source Connection I share in the 4:44 Meditation, my life became more in flow.

I created the 4:44 Meditation Masterclass because I wanted to share this energy work + meditation practice in a way that was easily actionable in our busy, and somewhat overwhelming current reality that is 2021.

With all that is going on in the world right now, we know we "should" be shifting our energy consciously, and yet it can seem really difficult to do. Especially when there are days where we feel we have to keep refocusing, keep picking ourselves up and adjusting and pivoting to whatever knew thing just happened that was completely out of our control.

My intention is for busy women to discover 3 simple tools that can you to quickly and easily shift mindset and energy from frantic to at-cause. Helping to more easily step out of reaction and into positive, thoughtful response to whatever comes our way. And to do so in 5 minutes or less.

What The Masterclass Includes

The Nuts & Bolts of Meditation

  • How to clear your mind (and when not to) during meditation.
  • How to set yourself up for success in your meditation practice.
  • These segment of the Masterclass include an Instructional Video and 2 PDFs. 

The Heart-Source Connection

  • Discovery how to create a Heart based connected with Source through the use of 2 easy to do energy flows you do with your mind and body during meditation.
  • This segment of the Masterclass includes an  instructional video.

4:44 Meditation


  • Download the MP3 Guided Meditation. This guided Meditation takes 4 minutes and 44 seconds.
  • Use this file daily for your meditation practice and whenever you need a quick mindset shift.

The entire class can be completed in less time than it takes to stream 2 episode of your favorite show!

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“What if I don’t really know how to meditate, will this Masterclass help me with that?”

Yes. Even if you have never meditated before, this Masterclass will walk you through - in two videos - how to meditate as well as how to use the Heart-Source Connection Meditation downloadable track.

The beauty of a Guided Meditation is you don’t need to be “good” at meditation to begin seeing the benefits of meditation. Guided meditation gives your conscious mind something to focus on, so that your subconscious mind can come to the forefront.

“Can I download the Meditation so I can use it whenever?”


Absolutely. The 4:44 Meditation is meant to be downloaded and portable. So you can put it on whatever device you need in order to make this meditation easy for you to do.

“I can never keep my mind quiet during meditation, will this Masterclass address this?”

Yes - There is actually an entire video on the topic of how to quiet and clear you mind. The video includes discussion on:

* What to do if you find your thoughts wandering.

* When it’s totally 100% OK to have thoughts in your head during meditation.

* Why you actually don’t want to banish all thought during meditation. Yes, contrary to popular opinion - there are times when thought is beneficial. I explain when and why in my How to Clear Your Mind video.

*How to successfully begin and sustain a meditation practice.

*How to get the most out of this 4:44 Meditation and the energy work it teaches.

“I have never done energy work. I’m not sure how, and it sounds complicated.”

I have a secret - energy work is something we can all do very quickly. And it becomes almost instantaneous once we know the steps. I walk you through how to do the energy work in the video. So that you have the background and confidence to then do this work, as guided, during the 4:44 Meditation. Energy work will become easier the more you do it.

I often use one of the 2 energy shifts I teach in this Masterclass anytime I feel my energy lower. Or I feel like I need to remind myself how powerful and at-cause I truly Be. And that can take as little as 10 seconds to create in yourself, once the knowledge of how to create that shift becomes a habit.

“I’m really busy. Will this fit into my schedule?”

I understand that especially in 2021 everyone has more on their plate than normal. Which is exactly why I created the 4:44 Meditation. This is a meditation that can be done in 5 minutes or less. (I used it daily.) We can always find 5 minutes to invest in our own emotional well being by allowing ourselves to be still, and allowing this guided meditation to bring us back to center.

Invest In Yourself

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Who Is The 4:44  Meditation Sequence For?

Anyone who is interested in feeling more empowered, more centered and more intentional in their thinking and way of being.

Whether you are simply looking for a way to stop feeling so stressed out and overwhelmed, are a business owner or leader who is having to deal with increased levels of stress, or you are simply looking to up your meditation practice, the 4:44 Meditation Masterclass is for you.

Moms & Mompreneuers

This Masterclass teaches you techniques to feel more at-cause and empowered. It is a great tool to use at the start of the day, to then plan your day, and the actions you can take to feel more energized and motivated in the process.

Giving your subconscious mind something to focus on through Guided Meditation means that your subconscious mind has an opportunity, in that 5 minutes of quiet, to give you inspired action and answers to things that may be troubling you.


Corporate Executives

Business right now is incredibly stressful and seems to require a lot more pivots than normal. And with that comes a lot more drama.

Setting aside 5 minutes a day, to use the 4:44 Guided Meditation to quiet your mind can help you deal with all the surprises the day brings. When we break for a meditation after receiving news we do not prefer, we go back to a place of being in Response instead of Reaction. And from that place, it is much easier to see a clearer way forward.

Anyone Wanting To Meditate

Light workers are needed now more than ever. Whether you are just beginning your journey, or are looking to expand the tools in your metaphysical toolbox, the 4:44 Meditation is right for you.

Easily shifting energy, and giving yourself space in your busy day to redirect your thoughts can be very rewarding. Allowing you to come from a more centered place when those around you go into reaction rather than response.

Here’s What’s Included:

When you purchase the 4:44  Meditation Masterclass you receive immediate access to the following:

How to Clear Your Mind Video -  When to clear your mind when meditating, and when not to. And of course how to train your mind to become quiet.

$47 Value

The Heart-Source Connection Method Video - Walking you through, step by step, how to increase your connection to yourself & Source energy at anytime, in less than 10 seconds.

$197 Value

The 4:44 Guided Meditation - Downloadable mp3 Guided Meditation to use daily.

$97 Value

Meditation Best Practices - Downloadable guide to help you get the most out of your meditation practice.

$27 Value

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs about meditation and your meditation practice. Downloadable PDF to help guide you during the Heart -Source Connection Energy Work & Meditation practice.

$27 Value

The entire 4:44 Meditation Masterclass is a $395 value.  

Get all this today for only $37

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All That For $37? Is This For Real?

Yes. Really. I realize that normally teaching an energy technique is often 10-20 times that amount for a class.

I wanted to create this at a price that would make it a no-brainer for you to easily purchase today and begin that shift.

Because we need more people intentionally creating awesomeness in the world.

I don’t want you to wait, or need to save up before you can begin. I want you to being today! And so I priced it so that you can simply get started now.

Why Now? 

Well the truth is, because the world needs more consciously connected, high frequency people in it right now.

2021 is a time where we are learning that if we are not choosing consciously to be empowered daily, it is very easy to get off track and allow fear, and the narrative of the day to overwhelm us.  

The reality is we are spiritual beings having a human experience. And by connecting to our higher selves and our God/ Source/ Higher Power daily via meditation we can remind our conscious and subconscious mind that we are stronger than anything currently being experienced in our life and living.

And when we step out of the lower frequencies being created in fear and overwhelm (even if it’s only for a few minutes a day) and step into the higher frequencies experienced through a Heart-Source Connection, we will start to see opportunities and a way forward that was always there, but unseen, because we were stuck in a lower frequency. 

The reality is when emotions are high, intelligence is down. And when lower frequencies are being experienced, flow and ease are harder to achieve. Breaking that pattern takes conscious intention and action.

And because higher frequency thoughts, feelings and emotions have more impact and power than lower thoughts, feelings and emotions, we don’t have to spend all our day making that mental shift. 5 Minutes or less, one to three times a day can help us shift our focus, our intentions and our mental well-being in positive, uplifting ways.

Consciously creating our life, in 5 minute increments 1-3 times a day can help us start to see the world differently. To remember who we truly Be. And to consciously put positivity, instead of negativity, into our brain and our body a few minutes at a time.

Which is why I created a meditation and energy practice that takes less than 5 minutes a day. I know that life can be super overwhelming and many days we don’t have 15-30 minutes to carve out for meditation practice. But we all can find 5.

How Does This Work?

Purchase the 4:44 Meditation Masterclass.

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Download your 4:44 Guided Meditation file (or listen on your computer) to start your meditation and daily energy work practice.

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Imagine Where You Could Be Tonight If You Started The 4:44 Meditation Sequence Today

Imagine as you fall asleep tonight feeling more at peace with the world and feeling more centered.

Imaging being able to take just 5 minute tomorrow morning to get yourself into a positive, in charge,  and at-cause mindset that is ready to take on whatever tomorrow brings.

Imagine knowing you have a tool you can use any time, anywhere you need, to feel a little more empowered.  (That next meeting with your boss or client. That next discussion with your child about their lessons. That next time you hear something on the news or from a friend that is upsetting.)

Imagine having a meditation practice and a set of energy flow tools you know you can use in 10 seconds, or if you have a little more time 5 minutes - to completely re-set and re-shift your thoughts, feelings and emotions - into a higher frequency, and feeling more empowered and more at peace with the world.

Now is the time to make this shift. Tomorrow is another day. Another chance to begin finding additional ways you can be happening to life, not the other way around.

I’m Ready To Start!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Praise For Michelle: 

"This meditation is like a cup of coffee in the morning!”

~William D.

“Thank you so much, your advice was very helpful for me to get past this mindset struggle.”

~ Brandy L.

“Michelle, I really enjoyed our work together so thank you! I’m looking forward to implementing the tools you shared and in seeing the results of our work together!” 

~Rosemary G.

We all know meditation and a daily meditation practice are beneficial and can   increase our well-being.

When you use this 4 minute and 44 second meditation sequence you can gain the benefits of a 20 minutes meditation in just 4 minutes and 44 seconds. By combining  a few ancient practices into 1, you get a super meditation in under 5 minutes. And a more centered place of being to draw upon during your day, when you add meditation into your life daily.

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