Ask And Receive

manifesting receive

Ask and it is given. 

(In Ways You Might Never Have Thought Probable) 

This past summer I was making a concerted effort to eat healthier healthier. And this particular week I bought a bag of tomatoes at the store and they were so tasteless I threw them out. Because I figured if they taste like nothing but mush, the nutritional value probably isn’t there.

I was then really wishing for some home grown tomatoes. You know the kind that you get right off the vine, and just taste so so good?  Well I’m in an RV, and it’s not like I know anyone with a garden. So I figured that was not going to happen.

A few days later today I was walking around the RV resort we were staying at, and a man is driving around in his golf cart offering people his extra home grown tomatoes! When I expressed appreciation for him and his generosity he told me to take a second one.

How does it get even better than that?  We often create what we desire and require. It isn’t always in a linear fashion that we can actually predict. And that I think is actually a beautiful thing!

If you don’t feel that you are connected enough to Source energy. And aren’t getting wonderful completions of things you are looking to create in your life, maybe try meditating. 

If you aren’t sure how, I have a meditation course that walks you through how to meditate, and also comes with a downloadable, guided meditation that takes you less than 5 minutes a day to complete. Click here for more details.


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