Upgrade Your Life

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Upgrading your life can shift your frequency easily and effortlessly.

This may seem extremely counterintuitive - and yet one of the easiest ways to change your frequency is to upgrade your life. Now before you tune me out with “but I can’t afford…” hear the second part of this process. Often, does not have to cost you more, it often means you will actually spend less. And at times even receive the thing you desire for free.

What do we mean specifically when we talk about upgrading life? For me it means coming from a place that is at-cause and choosing what works. And often what works is free or even cheaper than our current choice.

It’s not necessarily that we spend more money on something, it’s that we come from a place of choosing based on what works for us, rather than “I can’t afford what I really want” or “I can only afford this.”

The other thing that I have  noticed is that when I come from a place of abundance, often the choice I make is actually cheaper than the choice I would have made when standing in scarcity.  I know that seems counterintuitive. However, often the thing we truly resonate with will in fact end up being the least expensive option **even if - before when you first looked it that option it might have been more expensive**.

It has something to do with being ready to receive and being ready for it to be easy to do so. And I believe also because the focus is no longer on how much something costs, the focus (and the question that the Big U answers) is what works best for me?  

And if you don’t believe me, I give you few examples of this in the video above.

Another way to upgrade life is to spend $10 to $20 literally upgrading all the little things that you use daily that are kind of crap, old or kind of gross.  Start with maybe every other week (whenever you get your paycheck - budgeting $10 to upgrade something that you use all the time that makes you feel less than abundant when you do so.) So for example, maybe it’s the cover for your phone/iPad or Kindle. Or the stapler on your desk that keeps sticking every time you use it. Or maybe it’s a tool you could use in your job or the kitchen that would make life so much easier, and yet you just haven’t allowed yourself to have that ease and flow. (Like an electric whisk for home-made lattes.)

Action Step For Today:
Write down 5 things in your life under $20 that make you feel less than abundant, and begin to replace them.  

Also identify some larger items or that you might want to upgrade, and just list them out for now.

I have an upgrade list on my phone that I add to. It includes things like a lemon juicer tool that I makes me smile when I use it, to a massage at a local spa and everything in between.

At one time it had on the list a brand new 6 figure RV (which I ended up buying for 40% below that price, still brand new). So your list can be anything you can think of - do not place limits on it or a timeline to it or else you place limits on The Big U and honestly on yourself.


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